1) Scalar and Vector Quantities: A lists of physical quantities which are grouped according to scalar or vector quantities.

2) Prefixes: A lists of prefixes commonly used and basic conversion of units with



1) Kinematics Summary Updated

2) Interpreting speed-time and distance-time graph 

3) Velocity-time and Displacement-time graph of ball thrown up

4) Kinematics graphs of ball thrown up and come down



1) Basic mistakes in Dynamics Test 

2) Basketball vs bowling ball – which will reach the floor first when dropped?

3) Heavy and light shuttlecocks – which will reach the floor first when released?

4) Free-body Diagram

5) Velocity-Time Graph of a Parachute Jump

6) Newton's Laws (1st and 2nd) of Motion Summary

7) Man Jumps Vertically Upwards, Pressure On Ground Is Greater During The Jump

8) During impact of a free falling ball, the force on ground is greater than the weight of ball

9) Gravity Flying Jet Suit

10) Understanding Newton's 1st and 2nd Laws

11) Which direction is the Friction of the wheel?

12) Newton's 3rd Law



Mass, Weight and Density

1) Gravitational field vs electric field vs magnetic field definitions 

2) Why does ice float on water?

3) Will the whole lake be frozen during winter? What is the temperature of water when its density is the max?

4) What is inertia?


Turning Effects of a Force

1) Knowing the position of the Centre of Gravity (CG) 

2) Basic concepts of Moments: 2 conditions for a system to be in equilibrium 

3) Important concepts of Moments

4) Fishing and Moment: Explanation question

5) Lever (moment) System and Hydraulic System

6) Standing Broom Challenge 2020


Work Done, Energy and Power

1) Conservation of Energy (COE) 

2) When is there work done?

3) Work done to bring a mass up inclined plane summary

4) Spacecraft re-entry into Earth's Atmosphere - Lost in GPE converted to thermal energy

5) COE on the complete driver golf swing



1) Hydraulic System 

2) Pressure - Calculation common mistakes 

3) Pressure + Woman=Dangerous 

4) Basic of Pressure - 1 foot vs 2 feet on ground

5) Basic formulae for Pressure 

6) Liquid Pressure Summary P2

7) Hydraulic system overview



Measurements & Mechanics


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