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01 Measurement 

P1 - Pendulum: Displacement-time vs KE-time graphs y


02 Kinematics

3) Ticker Tape Timer various questions y

4) Distance-time and Speed-time graph of 2 objects in motion y

5) Kinematics – Swimmer in river with current, find distance downstream y

6) Kinematics – Two balls free-fall with different mass and height

7) Two objects same size and shape but one is heavier. Motion when both released y

8) Kinematics Question – Using gradient and area under graph to form 2 equations y

9) Object falling at freefall, time taken to fall from O to P y

10) Kinematics – Two balls free-fall with different mass and height y

11) Car A and Car B – Find the time one overtakes the other y

12) Ball thrown vertically up from building and falls to ground y

13) Ball drops above moving train y

14) Speed-Time Graph – Motion of 2 Cars and interpreting the graph y

15) Ticker-tape Timer – Finding acceleration y

03 Dynamics

P1 What is the speed-time graph when the pulling force is removed? 2014 y

6) 2013 SPp1q2 - Finding resultant of 2 forces at 0 to 90 degree y

7) Resultant force-time graph to Speed-time graph y

8) Finding forces on multiple bodies y

9) Frictional force acting on wheel 2004PPp1q5 and 2007PPp1q5 and 2021PPp1q7 y

10) Rocket with forward thrust lasting 1.5 s y

11) Vertical Resultant Force of ball rolling off platform y

12) Force-time graph, find frictional force

13) Using 3rd law to find the thrust on boat 2015PPQ6

04 Mass Weight and Density

P1 - Unsual Behaviour of Less Dense Balloon in Air or Water y

05 Moment

1) Question - O-level SP 2013-nov-sci-phy-p2-q9-pressure-and-moment 2014 y

2) Question - Where is the new CG when a small circle is cut out from a big circle?

3) Question - Minimum force to pull up the drum over a step

4) Question - Solving moment using simultaneous equations

5) Double Pivots Questions - Basic concepts

6) Question - Minimum force F to push the barrel up a step


06 Pressure

P2 SP2013 P2 Q9 – Pressure and Moment - Achieving a bigger output force y

P1 Pressure on Manometer y

P1 Relationship between Pressure and Length of a Cube y

P1 PP2004 P1 Q15 – Pressure P1V1 = P2V2 y

P2 Using barometer to estimate the height of a mountain y

P2 Liquid pressure – U-tube y

P1 PP Manometer – mercury levels difference changes with different density of liquid used y

P2 Find atmospheric pressure using 2 scenarios of capillary tube with mercury horizontal and vertical y

P1 PP2008P1Q15 – Kinetic Model of Matter y

P1 Various questions on PV = constant and using P1V1 = P2V2 to solve y

P1 Another P1V1 = P2V2 question - 2 pistons of different pressure joined together y

P1 Height of ethanol in the column (PP) y

P2 SP2013p2q9 - Hydraulic system with moment (lever) y

P1 - Relationship between Pressure and Length of a Cube y

P1 - Barometer with a layer of water – Find height of mercury H y

07 Energy, Work and Power

P1 - PP2007p1q9 Energy needed to pump water up to tank y

P1 - Find height the ball reaches with a certain speed (with friction) y

P1 - Video Tutorial - Force F need to pull box up an inclined plane without friction and with friction y

Thermal Properties of Matter

P1 PP - Finding the specific latent heat of vaporisation from an experiment y


P1 - temperature-thermocouple-find the unknown temperature y

06 General Wave Properties

P2 - 2017PPP2Q5 Two points on the rope wave with displacement-time graphs given

P1 - 2005/2008 PP P1 Q20/Q18 P and Q on string wave, what is the motion next

P1 - 2018 PP P1 Q24 Ducks P and Q on water wave, what is the movement during next half cycle of the wave

07 Light

P1 - SP2010p1q12 focal length of the lens using distant object y

P1 -  Which ray is correct after passing through a converging lens - Important concepts y

P1 -  Two mirrors in parallel - Which are the possible positions of the image? y

P1 - PP2007p1q20 Mirror image through a periscope y

P1 - Min distance of the mirror to see the painting on the opposite wall when a man is standing a distance from the painting y

8) Video - Demo of refraction using glass balls of same refractive index as water

9) VIdeo - Refraction of light in glass block - using pins to identify refracted and emergence rays

10) Different Lens Ray Diagram questions (with videos)

11) Question MCQ - Identifying what lens, focal length and image from 2 rays – PP2010P1Q23 and SP2014P1Q11 

12) Finding focal length f - lens and mirror and basic concepts

13) Question MCQ - Finding the focal length of lens from parallel rays at an angle or parallel to principal axis

16) P1 Question - min distance h mirror from floor

P1 - Determine focal length of lens using mirror with object and image aligned

P1 - Lens – screen and mirror – what kind of image formed on screen

08 Sound

P1 - Time interval between 2 distinct sound from the gun (direct and indirect) y

P1 - Distance of sound detector from walls y

P1 - PP2017p1q21 Sound – time taken for the next rarefaction to arrive at the point P


12 Static Electricity

1) P1 Oil drop between charged plate. What charge is the oil drop? y

2) P1 - SP2021 P1Q15 The electric field lines between two charges

3) P1 - PP2013 P1Q30 Direction of the electric field

13 Current Electricity

P1 - Ratio of resistivities of wires X and Y – the effect of diameter on the cross-sectional area y

P1 - SP2010 P2Q12 Fuel gauge using a variable resistor y

P1 - Finding effective resistance when a resistor is bent into different shapes of various lengths y

P1 - Cells in series and parallel y

14 DC Circuit

P1 - SP2010 P2Q12 Fuel gauge using a variable resistor y

P1 - SP2013 P1Q17 Power when V across R doubled y

P1 - PP2016p1q40 Two bulbs in parallel with long transmission cables y

P1 - PP2013p1q40  2 houses in parallel with long transmission lines, one heater is switched off y

P1 - DC Question - Find unknown R, given the voltmeter readings when switch P and Q are closed respectively

P1 - Diodes and bulbs, which bulbs is lighted up when switch S is open and closed y

15 Practical Electricity

P1 - SP2007P1Q16 – Which events will cause the fuse to blow? y


16 Magnetism and Electromagnetism


17 Electromagnetic Induction

P1 - PP2016p1q40 Two bulbs in parallel with long transmission cables y

P1 - PP2013p1q40  2 houses in parallel with long transmission lines, one heater is switched off y




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