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01 Measurement 

1) Vernier caliper and micrometer screw gauge 2015

2) Pendulum - on period

3) Unit conversion on density and floatation

4) Unit conversion on speed (m/s to km/h and vice versa) and videos of Usain Bolt

5) Base and Derived Quantities and Prefixes

6) Pendulum: Displacement-time vs KE-time graphs

7) Unit conversion overview


02 Kinematics

1) Video of falling bowling ball and feather in air-filled room and vacuum room 2014

2) Free fall - Acceleration due to gravity 

3) Ticker Tape Timer

4) Distance-time and Speed-time graph of 2 objects in motion

5) Kinematics Revision


03 Dynamics

1) Vector Diagram – Parallelogram Method 2015

2) Vector Diagram - Parallelogram and Closed-loop method 2011

3) What is the speed-time graph when the pulling force is removed? 2014

4) Vector Diagram – Parallelogram Method for 4 different kinds of questions

5) Video - Bugatti Chiron 0-400km/h-0 in 42 sec!

7) Resultant force-time graph to Speed-time graph

8) Finding forces on multiple bodies

9) Which direction is the friction on the wheel

10) Using 3rd law to find the thrust on boat

11) Understanding Newton’s 1st and 2nd Laws of Motion

04 Mass Weight and Density



05 Moment

1) Double Pivots Questions - Basic concepts

2) Turning Effect of Forces – Moment – Basic Concepts


06 Pressure

Video Tutorial - Hydraulic System Video Tutorial

Examples of the hydraulic system around us

Video - Water boils at 60 oC

Physics of Construction Lifting Truck

Video - Magnus Effect

Video - Water finds its own level

Sketching PV graph and others

Various questions on PV = constant and using P1V1 = P2V2 to solve

Understanding Hydraulic System



07 Energy, Work and Power

1) Video Tutorial - Force F need to pull box up an inclined plane without friction and with friction

2) Understanding Conservation of Energy and applications



Thermal Properties of Matter

06 General Wave Properties

1) Wave – Displacement-time graph of a particle on a wave

2) General Wave Properties – Motion of Particles in Transverse Wave

3) Transverse Wave and Longitudinal Wave Simulation

4) Wavefront - Shown using ripple tank

5) Using Slinky Coil to demonstrate Transverse and Longitudinal Waves

6) Determine the motion of the particles on transverse wave

7) Oscillating or vibrating object - speed varies along the path



07 Light

Lesson - Total Internal Reflection (TIR) video tutorial

Video - Demonstration of Reflection, Refraction and TIR using a light source with a slit

Video - Demo of refraction using glass balls of same refractive index as water

VIdeo - Refraction of light in glass block - using pins to identify refracted and emergence rays

Different Lens Ray Diagram questions (with videos)

Lens overview - 3 rays, 4 scenarios and the pattern

Pins inside and outside beaker of water




08 Sound


13 Current Electricity

1) Finding Total Effective Resistance

14 DC Circuit

1) Basic Concepts on DC Circuit - River system

2) Thermistor connected in series to a fixed resistor. How the p.d. across the thermistor vary when temp changes?

3) Using P = I^2R and P = V^2/R to explain which component uses the highest power or energy



15 Practical Electricity

1) Which events will cause the fuse to blow?

2) Why do we need earth wire and fuse? - an overall explanation

3) Double-insulation - air purifier in classroom


16 Magnetism and Electromagnetism


17 Electromagnetic Induction

1) Understanding cathode-ray oscilloscope CRO



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